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Hey guys I have a poll going to see what female characters in need of Aladdin style water perils for one page as it is my first water peril comic. I have a journal about it but It won't lemme post it to the group so here are the options
1.My Oc Tara
2.My Oc Marie
3. Sally McKnight a.k.a. Thorn
4.Shaundi Sr2 version
5. Rebecca Crane from assassin's creed
6.Your oc's
7. Other Characters
8.Elizabeth from bioshock infinite
9. I don't remember whi nine was in my original journal
10. Zoe from Bully Scholarship edition.

Vote Now!!!!!!!!!!
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Celtics23 Featured By Owner 5 days ago  New Deviant
I was thinking about using penny gadget in underwater aladdin peril
So a couple months ago I had this dream involving underwater peril and I've been just too lazy to actually tell anybody so I decided to stop being lazy and I figured this is the perfect place to share my dream because of the subject matter. Basically it involves Princess Jasmine being executed by the Amazons from the episode of Aladdin I think called a sultan worth his salt. And you can probably guess on how they planned on executing her. Basically she was put in execution "clothing" if you could call it that it was basically a black strapless bra and black panties with black thigh high boots and black gloves that went up to her arms.... That was her execution uniform.... Apparently the Amazons are a kinky bunch! In everything… Anyway it starts with the Amazons shackling her arms together and her feet to the weight she was already gagged. Then they took her to this protruding ledge over a small deep circular lake it may have been a few dozen feet wide. And as you can guess they threw her in, and she....... died....... WTF dream! I'm not into the girls not making it! Why would you put that in there! I think I got somebody else's dreams who actually likes that kind of thing... Anyway it goes on, apparently areal from the little mermaid was there and she saw the whole thing. She was on land with legs and she was wearing one of the Amazons white toga dress things. So she decided to..... Murder the Amazons in the exact same way they murdered Princess Jasmine...... this dream started out super kinky and got really dark fast! Moving along Ariel actually managed to murder a couple of the Amazons in the exact same way with a ball and chain their hands shackled behind their backs and a over the mouth style gag. But she drowned them one at a time and they were just wearing the standard clothing no execution uniform costume outfit whatever. I think she managed to drown a couple of them ( but it just showed one Amazon being sunk in my dream but you know how dreams are you know stuff without seeing it ) before I woke up in shock at just how fucked up that dream ended up! Like what the actual fuck subconscious! What kind of guy you think I am! You should know better! Anyway so that was the dream in all of its kinky and RoyalLee fucked up glory.... I think it was back in whenever black history month was an I was stressing out over being able to make GIFs for black history month. So my subconscious decided to take out it stressed-out rage on me by lulling me into a false sense of security then turning the fucked up to 11! But I hope someone enjoys this weather you find it funny or kind of kinky. But I hope the most of you are turned off by the death part and for the few who aren't..... Good for you! You may need therapy....
mattjohn1992 Featured By Owner May 13, 2016  Hobbyist Artist
you so good so well.
maybe make a Melody my little Mermaid tied up in the Ocean
like Aladdin. Melody comic page 5. you like that
MrFool59 Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2016
Looking for someone to shar a pokemon rp with.
ThomasVonWinkler Featured By Owner Feb 16, 2016
Anyone here have "Rise of The Tomb Raider"?
I want to see first drowning animation without camera bug…
animosity789 Featured By Owner Feb 12, 2016
Hello to you fellow aquaphiles! I'm also looking to RP, for anyone interested in that. It can be tricky to find someone for play with this niche.
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